Lithografietage International 2018 München

International Lithography Days

Künstlerhaus Munich from 29.08. to 02.09.2018

The Künstlerhaus Munich Foundation is focusing on lithography and opens the entire house from 29th August to 02nd September 2018!

The Lithography Days 2018 in the Künstlerhaus Munich will gather artists, printers and professionals, but also art buffs, interested laymen and curious people. They offer an exciting forum to show the current positions of lithography and to discover and learn about their possibilities.

As an essential part, exhibitions will illuminate the range of lithography in a timely and future-focused perspective, explaining both the potential and fascination of lithography. Furthermore, in the case of print demonstrations, current possibilities of lithographic procedures are shown both in their traditional variants and in a multitude of novel forms of expression in order to make the various techniques for artists and visitors tangible.

A multi-faceted programme brings the lithography to life!

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