Lithografietage International 2018 München

International Lithography Days

Künstlerhaus Munich from 29.08. to 02.09.2018

The Künstlerhaus Munich Foundation is focusing on lithography and opens the entire house from 29th August to 02nd September 2018!

The Lithography Days 2018 gather artists, printers, professionals, enthusiasts and interested laymen from around the world. They should provide an exciting forum to illuminate current positions of lithography and to discover, test and experience their possibilities.

The focus is on the exchange of knowledge and personal acquaintance. For this purpose, the covered courtyard remains open for social gatherings until 11.00 pm after the end of the opening hours. Drinks are sold in the courtyard, meals are available in the L ́Osteria in the house.

"The Artistic printing techniques of high-pressure, low-pressure, flat-pressure, pressure and their hybrid forms" have been included in the nationwide list of intangible cultural heritage by the decision of the German UNESCO Commission in March 2018.


A multi-faceted programme brings the lithography to life!

Foto & Video

The visitor of the III. International Lithography Days 2018 agrees, that the the Münchner Künstlerhaus-Foundation is authorized to make pictures or film shots for the reason of marketing-, public relations- and social media-publishing on which visitors might be seen.

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